Application of Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch in Distribution System of Blast Furnace

Mar 24 ,2022 Site Editor

Dual power automatic transfer switch is applied in blast furnace top equipment, hot air equipment, bag equipment and dust removal equipment, with rated operating current of 600A, 200A, 125A and 100A respectively.

The wiring diagram is as follows:


Safe, reliable and continuous power supply of power distribution system is very important for the normal operation of blast furnace equipment.

How to choose a variety of power conversion switch appliances is particularly concerned about the occasion of backup power supply.

In different categories according to the load, can choose different control conversion mode and structural mode of ATSE to meet the application requirements, but for the low pressure side of the main supply ATSE should be first selection with selective protection of double throw CB level ATSE, make the power supply circuit can not only switch power supply in time for the fault, and can be obtained in the case of short circuit fault in time to cut off the fault circuit. Truly achieve safe, reliable, continuous power supply requirements.


Matters needing attention:

* The phase sequence of the common power supply must be consistent with that of the standby power supply. The normal N, standby N and phase lines must be connected correctly; otherwise, the controller may be damaged.

* When the circuit breaker is tripping due to abnormal load, overload or short circuit, please verify the reason and troubleshoot the fault before re-operation.

* When in automatic mode, do not manually operate the handle. Handle is only used for power-off debugging, do not use handle with load operation.

* Switch body installation must have good grounding


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