Automatic Transfer Switch Working Mode and Fire Protection Function

May 04 ,2022 Site Editor

1. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) working position of contact

Three-position: Contact can stay in the main and standby power on and double three working position. All the motor drives are three-position automatic transfer switch without two positions.

Two-position: Contact can only stay in two working positions where the main and standby power are connected. Always ensure that the load end is connected to the power supply. It is recommended to use two-position automatic transfer  switch for first-level load and fire protection.



2.Automatic investment and automatic reset

Automatic investment: 

The process by which ATS automatically puts in backup power when a common power supply fails.

Automatic reset:

The process by which the ATS automatically returns the contacts to the normal power on position when the normal power is restored.


Non automatic reset:

The process in which the ATS does not operate and keeps the contact in the position where the backup power supply is connected when the common power supply is restored to normal.


3.Integrated fire


Also called fire mandatory switching, refers to the fire in the event of a fire, switch equipment to receive the fire signal, can make the double power supply trip.The two-position ATS has no fire linkage function, so it cannot realize the remote mandatory switching function.

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