What Automatic Transfer Switch is? One Two Three Electric Tell You

Apr 21 ,2022 Site Editor

One Two Three electric as a professional dual power automatic transfer switch manufacturers, there are  some basic knowledge of automatic transfer switch, to know what’s the  automatic transfer switch is.

1. The definition of automatic transfer switch(ATSE) :

ATSE is a functional switch
ATSE is a kind of power source select switch
Power failure is the sole criterion  for ATSE work.Power failure including voltage loss and phase not together(the conversion conditions specified in the standard),under / over voltage…

2. Symbol display of  ATSE  in a circuit diagram:

Derive PC class ATSE


CB class ATSE

Dedicated PC class ATSE


3.The usage scenario of ATSE: ATSE will be used to the load transfer that may cause heavy casualties and property losses or bad political influence due to power failure.


Fire: fire control room, fire pump, smoke, fire elevator and drainage pumps, fire emergency lighting, etc
Aisle lighting, duty lighting, guard lighting, obstacle sign lighting
Main business computer system power supply
Power supply for security system
Power supply for electronic information room
Passenger elevator power
Sewage pump
Variable frequency speed regulating constant pressure water supply domestic pump (otherwise for secondary load)
Main office, meeting room, general duty room, file room
This article briefly introduces the basic knowledge of the dual power automatic transfer switch, and we will continue to update some information about the it. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will answer them for you.


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