Q3 Series CB class 16A-630A ATSE automatic transfer switch 4p MCCB type ATS switch

Generator automatic transfer switch 4p
Generator automatic transfer switch 4p
16A-630A  Generator automatic transfer switch
Generator automatic transfer switch

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Q3 Series CB class 16A-630A ATSE automatic transfer switch 4p MCCB type ATS switch

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Product Details

Intelligent dual power automatic switching system for AC 50 / 60Hz, rated working voltage 400V, rated current up to 125A dual power supply system, to achieve the common power supply (N) with automatic standby power switch (R) between the (also can be used to manually switch).


Rated current: 16A~630A


Pole: 4P

Communication configurations and connection 


The controller of the YEQ3 series has RS485 serial port, be allowed to connect the local area network with open structure. It's apply protocols of ModBus communication and value the PC or data acquisition system running software provide a simple practical dual power switching management plan to factories, telecom, industrial and civil building, achieve dual power monitor and "remote controlling, remote measuring, remote communication" functions.


More information of Communication protocol, see the "Q3 V1.0 communication protocol" Communication parameters.


Module address: 1(rang: 1-32, User can set it)

Baud rate: 9600 bps(option)

Date bit: 8 bit

Parity bit: None

Stop bit: 1 or 2 bits



Fault Analyse and remove

It is no response after start the switch, and the electric operating mechanism not action after pressthe instruction button: Please check the fuse protector and the wiring connection.

The three phases powerand the neutral line must connected, the fixed screw must tighten on the cable head.


After making the power,although each phase voltage all in normal,but the panel display still in under voltage,please check the power if connection well,if have lost phase status.After making the power,controller have electric,but the motor operation mechanism no acition,please check the switch unit two piece fuse if due to motorized operation over current then fused,should replace new one to try.


Error Display code:


Display: “E--1” means main power side circuit breaker trip out.

Display: “E--2” means emergency power side circuit breaker trip out.

Display: “E--3” means motor or mechanism fault result change over no action or out time long.

Display: “E--4”means mechanism position detection error results faults


Other Notice


The switch unit should be periodic inspection and maintained as per the circuit breaker, electric operation mechanism’s requirements. The automatic controller is maintain-free under normal use.


If long time no use the product, please notice dampproof and dustproof, and please debug the switch as per the above description, when everything is normal then could operation.

Product Parameters

Parameter code,range and Default Value


Parameter code Parameter Name code Range Default Value
U260 Main Over Voltage Threshold 1 AC230-AC300 260
u 175 Main Under Voltage Threshold 2 AC150-AC210 175
L010 Main Voltage return value 3 0-50V 10
t 005 Main transfer delay time 4 0-240s 2
U.260 Emergency Over voltage Threshold 5 AC230-AC300 260
u.175 Emergency Under Voltage Threshold 6 AC150-AC210 175
⊔.010 Emergency voltage return value 7 0-50V 10
t.005 Emergency transfer delay time 8 0S-240S 2
q.005 Start Generator delay time 9 0S-120S 5
d.005 Stop Generator delay time 10 0S-120S 5
E.000 Auto switch,Auto Return-
Auto switch Not Auto Return-
As Emergency Each other.
11 0=Auto switch, Auto Return;
1=Auto switch Not Auto Return;
2=As Emergency Each other.
F.001 Work Frequency 12 1=50Hz(40-60)  0=60Hz(50-70) 1
J.001 Machine address 13 1-32 1
b.001 Baud Rate choose 14 1=2400  2=4800  3=9600  4=19200 3
H.001 Restore the initial factory 15 1=Restore the initial factory 0



Multifunction operation handle


Handle installation Schematic diagram




Handle function



Product model and mean




Product Structure,Character,Function




The intelligent dual power switching system (hereinafter referred to as Intelligent System) is an intelligent system consists of two parts, the controller and the main unit composed by two circuit breakers assembled in a switch unit, to achieve two input ports, one way output simplified structure.

Smart device body is composed of special positive, reverse the motor, circuit breaker components.

Mechanical and electrical interlock systems protection, to provide you with a safe and reliable power supply guarantee.

Comes with active and passive closing instructions closing auxiliary output.

Closing and tripping alarm auxiliary aid to achieve removable, the user can freely realize installation and matching.





a、CB class ATS come true Two input One output

b、Removale Auxiliary alarm and closing auxiliary

c、Complete function,SMART d、Parameter can set,remote communication operation

e、Full bakelite shell, high safety factor, external zero fly arc f、The compact design of anti-jamming performance

g、Small size, appearance patent products, with isolation.

h、Multi-function operating handle, the operating handle can be used in change over,also used to fasten the screw, easy installation.



Controller function



Model W W1 W2 W3
Installation type Integrate type(Unavailable) Integrate type Separate type Separate type
Display type Indication display LED+
Indication display
Indication display
Indication display
Rated work duty Uninterrupted work system
Auto Switch Auto Return
Auto Switch Not Auto Return
As emergency Each other
Start Generator function
Main Power Detection Three phase under voltage, lost phase detection Four phase under voltage,over voltage lost phase detection
Emergency Detection Single phase(A phase)lose voltage detection Four phase under voltage,over voltage lost phase detection
Passive fire fight input
DC24V passive fire fight input
Fire fight feedback
Active closing indication
Passive closing auxiliary
Passive tripping alarm auxiliary
Main and Emergency Power Indication
Rs485 communication function
Changover delay time
Smart controller
Voltage display real time
Frequency detection
Passive fire fight input
Button operation changeover


Notice: ■have this function, □mean no this function.



Two input one output


Main Circuit breaker output port seperatelly through connect termianls and Emergency Circuit breaker output port,connect as output port.




Auxiliary Installation


④ 401~402--Fire control Feedback output; 
    403~404--Start Generator start output;
    405~406--Unload output;
    407~408--Active fire control input: 9V-36V, 407(+), 408(-)
    409~410--Passive fire control input (close point input)


Auxiliary contact:1 and 3 is normal close point,1 and 2 is normal open point



warn contact:4 and 6 is normal close point,4 and 5 is normal open point




Outline and Installation Dimension



Specification Dimension
125 (mm) 253 133 60 15 16 13 159 185 112.5 30 127.5 60 315 338 196 107 Φ4.5
250 (mm) 288 148 70 17.5 21 13 189 215 130 35 147.5 70 365 390 230 125 Φ4.5



Technology Parameter


Model 125 250
Mechanism Life 7000 5000
Electric Life 3000 2000
Rated working voltage AC400V/AC690V
Rated operation voltage AC220V
Rated insulated voltage AC800V
Contact transfer time 3s
Change over time N-R,R-N ≤6s
Rated short circuit closing capacity Icm 52.5KA
Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icn 25KA
Operate cycle(Seconds/times) 10



Controller Installation and Connection Schematic




Intelligent Controller Panel Layout and description



① Main Power A、B、C three phase indication light:When Main Power A、B、C three phase voltage in controller set range lightening.

② Main Power ON indication light:When main power circuit breaker in closing lightening.

③ Emergency Power A、B、C three phase indication light:when main power A、B、C three phase voltage in controller set range lightening.

④ Emergency Power ON indication light:When emergency power circuit breaker in closing lightening.


⑤ Manual work status indication:Under manual work status,user can through keyboard to control switch transfer.

⑥ Manual or Automatic work status transfer button: User through keyboard to choose manual or automatic status.

⑦ Automatic work status indication:Auto work is lightening,meanwhile controler in seperately detect voltage in main power and emergency power by automatically to finish switch transfer.

⑧ Manual status to cut to main power button.

⑨ Manual status to double off button.

⑩ Manual status cut to emergency power button.



Terminals and connection



① 101~103 terminal status:indication signal (Active AC220V/0.2A)

② 201~203 terminal status:indication signal(Active AC220V/0.2A)

③ 301~307 terminal:communication port:301(485+)、302(485-)、303(EGND) exterior
    controller port:304(TXD)、305(RXD)power port:306(GND)、307(VCC)

Product Choice

Name Content
Product category CB class Automatic Transfer Switch
Design code 3
Current rank 63A,125A,250A,630A
Product code None(Two input and one output)(acquiescene);E(Two input and two output)(63A)
Controller W1:(Integrated intelligent type)(acquiescene)W2:(LED split intelligent type)(125A,250A,630A)W3:(LCD split intelligent type)(125A,250A,630A)
Pole 4P
Rated current 16A~630A
Working mode R(Self-input and self-recover)S(Self-input without self-recover)B(Mutual reserve)T(Communication)


Note:63A Shell grade products,there are two in and two in and two out,two connection methods are available.


Setting the operating process


Parameter amend operating process


The way to enter into: Continue to click "Manual/Auto" button ten times enter into the manu of parameter amendment. The fourth code display flicker.Amend parameter: Click "Main" button turn page down or "Emergency" button page turn up. Click "OFF" button confirm enter into to amend parameter, the last threepositions flicker, then click "Mainl" or "Emergency" to increase or decrease the number, click the "OFF" save the parameter and into the next options. Exit: 10s no click action will automatic exit or click ”OFF”ten times.If you no click the save button it will not save the amended parameter and exit directly.



Voltage calibration operating process


Enter into: In automatic mode, click "Emergency" ten times enter into, the fourth position show "Three" and flicker.
Calibration voltage: Must debug all the main power and emergency power  voltage to AC220V, then click "OFF" save the calibrate data at present.
Exit: In 10s no click action will automatic exit or click "Emergency" ten times to exit.



Change record query


Enter into: In automatic mode, meanwhile click the "Main" and "Emergency" to enter into the recently change record.

E-01: The newest change record recently.

E-02: The secondly change record recently.

E-03: The third change record recently.

Click “OFF” enter into to query the change reasons

u-00: means no change record.

u-01: means Main A phase fault

u-02: means Main B phase fault

u-03: means Main C phase fault

(Notice: No following faults no have record,faults including lost phase, under voltage,pver voltagelose voltage faults, and Main Power A.B.C.N cut the power at the same time also no record.)

Exit way: In 10s no click action will automatic exit.




With the continuous development of modern scientific and technological level, new technologies continue to emerge, people are increasingly high reliability of power supply,on many occasions, the use of two independent power supply, in order to ensure the normal electricity; to this end, the company developed out of a new intelligent dual power automatic transfer switch, mechatronics design, switching accurate, reliable, electromagnetic compatibility, strong antiinterference ability, high degree of automation. The product not only be able to switch between two power supplies, but also for the two ways three-phase four-wire voltagesimultaneously detect when any phase voltage is abnormal, can automatically switch to the normal power supply.



Use range


Intelligent dual power automatic switching system for AC 50 / 60Hz, rated working voltage 400V, rated current up to 125A dual power supply system, to achieve the common power supply (N) with automatic standby power switch (R) between the (also can be used to manually switch).


This product is suitable for Class I power systems, especially for important places can not lift the blackout, fire, subways, hospitals, telecommunication, television, industrial pipeline, marine and other emergency electricity sector, for continuous power supply reliability particularly important.





This product meets the standards:


GB14048.1 IEC60947-1 voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 1: General 3.2 GB / T14048.11


IEC60947-6-1 voltage switchgear and control equipment, Part 6-1: multifunction appliances, electrical switch.



Applicable range


Ambient Air Temperature


The upper limit of ambient air temperature not exceeding +40℃, lower limit not lower than -10℃, room average not greater than -35℃.

In case that the ambient air temperature is lower than -10℃or higher than 40℃, please notify the supplier when placing an order.


Atmospheric Temperature


Maximum temperature +40℃, relative humidity not exceeding 95%, and monthly maximum relativehumidity not greater than 95%.


Installation Height


The altitude of installation site shall not exceed 2,000 meters. If higher than this point, please consult with our company.


Pollution Classification


The environmental pollution classification of installation site is 3.



W1、W2、W3 controller operation


LED display introduce


Normal work status display as follwoing:

a,b,c,f is main power A,B,C three phase voltage and frequency.

a.,b.,c.,f.is emergency power A,B,C three phase voltage and frequcny closing light in spark mean switch in delay prepare to change over.


changeover fault status display as following:

Display"nEtt":mean when change over to main power,motor over time out faults.

Display "tEtt":mean when change over to Emergency power,motor over time out faults.

Display"-Ett":mean in double off status motor over time out fault.

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