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PC Class Automatic Transfer Switch

Rated working current level from 16A to 3200A full coverage, wide selection range.
The electromagnetic coil drive system. Transfer quickly. Let the power failure away from us.
The intelligent controller system is installed in the interior, compact structure, small space occupation, installation wiring is more convenient.
Remote communication, fire alarm, line monitoring, practical diversification.

CB Class Automatic Transfer Switch

Manual and automatic integration, intelligent control
Tunnel type wiring hole, safe to use
Arc extinguishing, overload and short circuit protection functions
Adopts flame retardant material. Insulation, high temperature resistance. Strong anti-interference ability
Easy installation, quality assurance

ATS Controller

Manual control button with anti-mistouch function.
Automatic measurement, output programmable, communication, indicator light display.
Conversion delay adjustable, working mode can be set, intelligent in one.
The measurement and control process to achieve automation, reduce human error.
The ideal product of ATSE.

Load Isolation Switch

Widely used for low voltage side outlet of stand type transformer.
Flame retardant shell, not easy to oxidize, easy to install.
The contact structure of the parallel double-breakpoint.Improves the performance.
High dielectric property,protection ability and reliable operation safety.
The switch has 3 poles,4poles(3 poles+adjustable neutral pole).

Circuit Breaker

Overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection
Quick power off, safety valve, flame retardant material, green environmental protection
Made of high-quality PA material, anti-crack buckle, safety valve design
Effectively improve safety and efficiency, keep away from hidden dangers of electricity consumption

Control and Protection Switch

Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
Phase loss protection.
Overload protection.
The advanced MCU digital processing technology guarantees.
High detecting accuracy and strong anti-interference capability.

DC Switch

Compact design for the high demands of power distribution systems
Space saving and easy operation
Thermomagnetic and Electronic
Used as main switch and emergency stop switch

Slim Relay& Socket

Ultra slim, high sensitivity and low consumption, the maximum load power 6A.
Reasonable structure, meets environmental protection requirements, the control voltage range can be extended with matching sockets.
The industrial relays are widely used in the output signal and safety drive of PLC, CNC system, robot, intelligent manufacturing and other control systems.
It is the best choice to realize remote control, production and processing, packaging, transportation, testing, storage and other equipment and automatic assembly lines.


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