Automatic Transfer Switch is Used for Cooperative Operation Between Generator Sets

Jun 09 ,2022 Site Editor

The method of turning off the automatic transfer switch of double power supply in the operation of the generator set is divided into manual operation mode and automatic operation mode. The automatic switch cabinet of the generator set (also known as the automatic switch cabinet of double power supply) is mainly used for the switch of the common power supply and the backup power supply of the generator set.


Dual power automatic  transfer switch is used for cooperative operation between generator sets

Automatic transfer switching cabinet of generator set (also known as double power supply automatic transfer switching cabinet) is mainly used for automatic  transfer switching between common power supply and standby power supply of generator set. Together with self-starting generator set, it forms an automatic power supply system, which can switch fire fighting equipment, emergency lighting and other loads to the power supply of generator set after the common power supply fails. Banks, hospitals, telecommunications, radio stations, factories and other places with higher requirements for power supply and fire protection.

A method for cooperating the operation of dual power automatic transfer  switching switches between generating sets.

1. Manual operation mode

First of all, the power key needs to be converted to the manual operation position, and then press the “manual” button to operate directly, when the generator set successfully normal operation, so the generator automation module into the start self-check, through the automatic speed up state, until the power supply stable work.

2. Automatic operation mode

Under normal circumstances, the automatic switche is default to the “automatic” state, the generator set is in quasi working state, the switch to the state of automatic long-term monitoring and fault discrimination, once the common power failure, immediately into the automatic start working state, the load will be switched to the standby generator. When the mains return to normal, after the system delay confirmation, the generator set automatically quit the working state, after a certain delay, automatic shutdown, and restore to the monitoring quasi working state.


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