One Team One Dream,One Two Three Ele Co,.Ltd Team Activity Completeness

Dec 01 ,2022 Site Editor

On November 30, 2022, One Two Three Electric Co., Ltd carried out the outdoor group building activity with the theme of "Gathering heart and strength, Exploring the future". This activity has played a good role in promoting the team cohesion, strengthening the communication and exchange between team members, and laid a solid foundation for the goal of becoming a first-class voltage electrical service provider.




At 2 PM on the 30th, more than 30 employees of the sales department set out from the company on time to take a step-by-step view of the activity site. They gathered here wearing colorful team uniforms and took pictures of the most real and happy moment at this moment.


At 14:30, everyone arrived on time and started a simple warm-up. During the meeting, some representatives said that they were very glad to get together with you in such a way. The group building was an opportunity to strengthen communication among colleagues and enhance mutual understanding among different departments. They hoped that all the employees of 12-3 Electric could work together to realize a leap in value through such a platform.



At 3 p.m., the Frisbee competition officially began, and everyone gathered on the lawn. Afterwards, the host led everyone to divide into four groups. The players fully enjoyed the fun of teamwork during the game competition. The most surprising thing was the competition and friendship in the game, which interpreted the most sincere and true emotions of the 123Electric and pushed the atmosphere of the whole event to a climax. The game lasted nearly two hours, and the players ended the whole activity in laughter.

Under the command and arrangement of the captain, each team member enters the field in accordance with the rules issued by the instructor, and is always ready to meet the challenge of the opponent. The "heroes and warriors" of each team cooperate highly, fight side by side, and share the joy of victory. Through the activity, the concentration and willpower of employees were enhanced to varying degrees, and the awareness of positive communication, mutual trust, solidarity and cooperation was strengthened.


The competition was also in full swing, and the participants were enthusiastic, sharing their skills and feelings with each other. According to the results of the competition, the winners were selected as one, two or three, and the winning team got a surprise red envelope. After the competition, everyone said that the diversity of company activities enriched their daily life. Feel the positive culture of the company.



At 6 p.m., the activity came to a successful end. The company's corporate culture activities reflected the company's concept of caring about the human nature of employees, deepened the unity and communication between employees, enriched the knowledge and interest of corporate culture, and harvested positive energy. Enterprise is a tree, culture is the root, the root can flourish. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead, concentrate on the strength, the low-voltage electrical industry deep development, for the next ten years to create a brilliant!





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