The Difference Between the Two Different Types of ATS

Jun 16 ,2023 Site Editor

The difference between the Hanguang type and the Feiteng type mainly lies in the structure and performance. 


1. The Feiteng structure is more compact, lighter, and more convenient to carry, while the Hanguang structure is relatively bulky, heavier, and not very convenient to carry. 


2.The performance of the Feiteng type is more stable and can provide higher speeds, while the performance of the Luminous type is relatively stable, but the speed is lower.



What is The Feiteng type ATS ?


The Feiteng dual power supply is a type of power manager, mainly used in application fields that require high stability and reliability. 


Typically composed of two power modules, it can achieve dual input and dual output, enhancing the reliability and stability of the power system. Additionally, the Feiteng dual power supply can provide features such as load sharing and fault protection, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the entire power system. 


Feiteng dual power supplies are primarily used in industrial control, communication equipment, medical equipment, transportation, and other fields.




What is the Hanguang type ATS ?


Hanguang ATS is PC grade magnetized integrated dual power switch is a kind of electrical switchgear, it usually used in places where is required dual power supply configuration, such as computer room, data center. 


Hanguang ATS can be connected to two power supply inputs at the same time, and automatically switches to the backup power supply in case of power failure or instability to ensure stable and uninterrupted power supply. 


In addition, it is equipped with PC-level magnetization function to monitor the disk in real time to ensure data security. Switches typically have the characteristics of high reliability, fast response, and intelligence, and are widely used in the field of power protection for key equipment.




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