What is the function of a electronic molded case circuit breaker?

Jun 13 ,2023 Site Editor

Electronic molded case circuit breaker is a protective device that uses electronic components to control circuit switches.


It adopts advanced microprocessor technology, which can realize accurate current measurement, short circuit protection, overload protection, ground fault protection and other functions, can automatically protect the circuit, and can be controlled remotely. 


In terms of use, it also has the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient installation, and long service life, so it is widely used in power system protection in residential, commercial, and industrial fields.




Advantages of the electronic molded case circuit breakers we make


In terms of appearance, YUM3Z is independently designed by our company, while ZAM1E is completely imitated from Changshu.

There is no need to design or open a mold for imitation, and existing parts on the market can be directly used for assembly. 


At the same time, these universal parts on the market are generally have many suppliers, and there will be advantages in price. 

However, the disadvantages are also obvious. There are many companies that imitate products made in Changshu.


Everyone is doing it, but the competition is fierce In terms of usability, YUM3Z adopts a straight line design on the circuit board, which can be used on both sides install accessories.


There are two options for YUM3Z's circuit board: knob type and liquid crystal type. 


The ZG electronic release function of the liquid crystal type

Almost all functions of products on the market are included, such as overvoltage and undervoltage protection, voltage and current display, fault recording, phase failure protection, and zero break protection, grounding protection, and the automatic reclosing function can be achieved by attaching a remote communication module and an electric operating mechanism.



How do circuit breakers work?


The principle of the electronic molded case circuit breaker is to realize the protection of the circuit by controlling the action of the heat release device. 


When a short circuit or overload occurs in the circuit, the current will increase sharply, and the heat release device will be stimulated by this abnormal current, and its internal resistance will increase rapidly, which will increase the internal heat generation. 


The coil spring inside the thermal release extends, causing the circuit breaker contacts to snap open, shutting off the power circuit and protecting the circuit from overcurrent, short circuits, or other electrical faults. 


At the same time, the chemical and physical properties of the plastic case material are very stable, and they are resistant to normal temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali corrosion, etc., thus ensuring the reliability and safety of the circuit.




What are the advantages of electronic circuit breaker?


1. Better safety
Molded case circuit breakers can better protect circuits and prevent potential harm to personal and property caused by electrical failures.


2. Better durability
The protective layer of the plastic case can effectively protect the internal components of the circuit breaker from physical damage and corrosion, so that the life of the circuit breaker is longer. 


3. Lighten the load
Molded case circuit breakers can distribute current more effectively and reduce the impact of high current induced by electrical appliances on the circuit breaker, thereby reducing the load. 


4. Higher reliability
Since the chemical stability and physical property stability of plastic materials are basically the same, molded case circuit breakers have higher reliability. 


5. Easy maintenance
the protective layer of the plastic casing is easy to maintain, and the surface of the protective casing is not easy to cut, which prevents external elements from entering the circuit breaker and causing harm. At the same time, the maintenance of the circuit breaker itself is also very convenient and quick.


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