Summary of Common Questions with Moulded Case Circuit Breakers MCCB

Mar 01 ,2023 Site Editor

Q:Can power be supplied both from above (to contacts 1,3,5) and from the bottom (to contacts 2,4,6)?Can the circuit breaker be backed into the wire?

A:Yes,The normal connection is 135 for the incoming line, 246 for the outgoing line, 246 for the incoming line, and 135 for the outgoing line.

Q:Are all circuit breaker versions plug-in/withdrawable or only a part of them?

All types are pluggable.

Q:Can the arrangement of pins in the plug-in/withdrawable version be changed?


Q:What is the minimum distance between installed circuit breakers next to each other? (can they be installed closely?

Yes, but the adjacent poles should be separated by an arc shield.

Q:What is the minimum distance between circuit breakers located one above the other?

The left and right adjacent can be installed closely, but the upper and lower to ensure the minimum flying arc distance, less than 250 type more than 50mm, 400 and above more than 75mm.

Q:Are there terminal shields for the main terminals? Are they long or short?

No.If you need will have to open a mould for each series.

Q:Is it possible to install plug-in/withdrawable circuit breakers "sideways" at 90º?


Q:Will there be a reduction in In in the plug-in/withdrawable version? (e.g. VA with In-630A, but in plug-in/withdrawable version In=400A


Q:What is the minimum adjustment current Ir?


Q:Can control units be installed separately? (current release)?Is there an option to lock the lever with up to 3 padlocks?


Q:Is there an option to protect the staff from improper dismantling of a plug-in/withdrawable circuit breaker?

NO, but you could close the main power!

Q:Does the installation of additional accessories AX, AL, FAL, SHT, UVT entail an increase in the overall dimensions of the circuit breaker?


Q:How are terminations of the secondary wires located when connecting AX.  AL, SHT (top, side or back)?


Q:Is measurement of network parameters (voltage, current, energy, power) available for all circuit breaker versions?

Only YUM3Z series with ZV item had above function

Q:Is there an option for a remote display with network parameters and access to adjustments?

ONLY  YUM3Z could

Q:Can circuit breakers at -40 be tested by the manufacturer?


Q:Is there a zero sequence current protection in the circuit breakers?



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